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Snapchat stocks fall 7 percent after Kylie Jenner tweets that it sucks

(Photo: Getty Images for Huffington Post, Nicholas Hunt)

It’s hard to parse what a lot of rich and famous young people actually do, but it can be truly staggering when they put the hammer down and show off just how much power they actually have. Whether she meant to or not, Kylie Jenner did that earlier this week when she basically brought Snapchat to its knees with one, simple tweet:


That may not seem like much, other than the fact that it has almost 300,000 likes, but Deadline says that the value of Snapchat’s stock dropped by seven percent—which comes out to “an estimated $1 billion in market value”—a day after Jenner posted that tweet. This also comes as Snapchat has been dealing with cranky users over a recent redesign of its app, so rather than Kylie Jenner single-handedly taking Snapchat down, it’s more like the popularity of her tweet is emblematic of a larger issue that the company has been dealing with.

Still, Kylie Jenner’s tweet certainly didn’t help, especially since appearing hip and trendy is extremely important to companies like Snapchat. Unless it can bounce back from this, cool young people may soon start to see Snapchat as a thing for—shudder—old people.

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