No, this isn’t the showrunner, but we’re hoping he’ll dress like this on set every day.
Screenshot: YouTube

The new TV adaptation of Bong Joon-Ho’s Snowpiercer, a thrilling and baby-devouring movie-length metaphor for capitalism, jumped the tracks almost immediately after being given a series order by TNT last month. Barely a week had gone by before it was announced that showrunner Josh Friedman has parted ways with the channel over “creative differences” regarding the upcoming show. So far, so diplomatic—until Friedman threw some coal in the furnace and set fire to that story on Twitter, saying he’d been fired because TNT didn’t think he would be accommodating enough to their demands.


Friedman’s comments, however, came as a result of TNT announcing the creative trains would continue to run on time, as Variety reports the channel has tapped a new conductor for the sci-fi series, former Orphan Black showrunner Graeme Manson. Manson, who knows a thing or two about narratives going off the rails, will assume control of the show, which stars Jennifer Connolly, Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park, and more as residents of a perpetually moving train circling the globe following the onset of a new ice age. No word yet on when it will debut, but presumably Manson’s desk will prominently display the card we’re guessing TNT sent him to let him know he was the right man for the job: