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Photo: Pacific Press (Getty Images)

The Friday The 13th franchise taps into any number of common fears—random violence, archery accidents, hockey goalies with unnecessarily large machete collections—but draws some of its most primal terrors from water. That’s where Jason Voorhees (supposedly) drowned, that’s where he periodically emerges to slay the teenage hordes, and that’s where he plots his inevitable, terrifying jump scares.

Hence, presumably, why some prankster decided to recreate the feeling of unexpectedly running into Jason underwater for divers in a Minnesota lake; as reported by Syfy, there’s apparently a life-like looking statue of Mr. Voorhees at the bottom of a popular diving spot in one of the state’s old coal pits, just waiting, 120 feet down, for hapless divers to stumble upon him.


According to comments on a YouTube video showing the statue, the statue has apparently been down there for at least five years—i.e., long enough to build up a good layer of algae and decay to really give it that “murderous revenant rising from his water grave” vibe. Happy diving, folks!

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