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St. Vincent announces new album, Masseduction

Photo: Nedda Afsari
Photo: Nedda Afsari

If you suspected a new St. Vincent album was on the way following the release of “New York,” then you suspected correctly: Today, Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, announced the release of her fifth album under the saintly moniker, Masseduction. Due out on October 13, the album promises a more personal look into Clark’s jet-setting lifestyle; as she puts it in a press release, “Every record I make has an archetype. Strange Mercy was Housewives on Pills. St. Vincent was Near-Future Cult Leader. Masseduction is different, it’s pretty first person. You can’t fact-check it, but if you want to know about my life, listen to this record.”


The album announcement also came with the release of a new single, the pulsating “Los Ageless.” You can hear that, and check out the track list and album art for Masseduction, below.

St. Vincent—Masseduction

Illustration for article titled St. Vincent announces new album, iMasseduction /i
  1. Hang On Me
  2. Pills
  3. Masseduction
  4. Sugarboy
  5. Los Ageless
  6. Happy Birthday, Johnny
  7. Savior
  8. New York
  9. Fear The Future
  10. Young Lover
  11. Dancing With A Ghost
  12. Slow Disco
  1. Smoking Section

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