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Sterling K. Brown is dead-set on remaking SNL's opening credits

Sterling K. Brown stars in two of the most talked-about properties of 2018: NBC’s tearjerker (and Crock Pot enemy) This Is Us and Marvel’s Black Panther. But right now, he’s so pumped about hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time. He even made his own opening credits, complete with Gray’s Papaya stand and Leslie Jones as a Disney princess.


Brown’s a longtime fan of the sketch show, and it shows in this detailed recreation of the famous SNL opening. The actor seamlessly transitions from name-checking the cast to introducing the musical guest (James Bay). He even knows that Steve Martin is the second most-frequent host, though his awe over that fact ends up causing him to forget his own name. But the People Vs. O.J. Simpson alum says he’s coming to Studio 6-H with pitches in hand, including a possible spoof of his Emmy-winning role, as well as a shot at the Weekend Update desk.

A new episode of Saturday Night Live airs Saturday, March 10 at 11:29 p.m. ET.

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