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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Continuing a year of industry coups that began with The Handmaid’s Tale winning Best Drama Series at the Emmys, Hulu has picked up streaming rights to all episodes of 30 Rock, an acquisition that officially makes Hulu better than Netflix, or most forms of entertainment and human interaction. The show will make its Hulu debut on Oct. 1—the same day it’s scheduled to leave Netflix, ensuring there will be no gaps in which you will be without ready access to a 30 Rock episode or in which you might have to read a book or make conversation with a loved one.


30 Rock is part of a package deal with NBCUniversalTV that also includes episodes of Parenthood; the British reality series Made In Chelsea; the Syfy competition show Face Off; the Seeso castoff There’s Johnny (set amid Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show era), and other titles that you can skim past on the way to watching that episode of 30 Rock where Kenneth, Jenna, and Kelsey Grammer pull an elaborate heist on a Carvel ice cream shop. It also joins the recently acquired original run of Will & Grace, making for a robust lineup that’s already being hailed as “Hey, let’s watch another 30 Rock.”

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