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The Cat In The Hat comes back (to theaters with a new animated movie)

(Photo: Getty Images, Vince Bucci)

For his fun and delightful his wacky hijinks and games are, the eponymous character in Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat is famously hard to get rid of. Your mother is practically at the door, and he waits until the last possible second to whip out a wacky machine that magically cleans the whole house before disappearing. In a similar vein, The Cat In The Hat is also pretty difficult for Hollywood to get rid of, as Warner Animation Group has just announced that it’s developing a new Cat In The Hat movie that will hopefully wipe Mike Myers’ 2003 live-action attempt from our memories.

The new take will be animated, but at this point that’s pretty much all we know about it. The Hollywood Reporter says there isn’t even a writer attached yet, so all we have to go off of are stock quotes about how the movie will keep “the integrity of Dr. Seuss’ vision intact” while “reimagining the beloved characters and stories for theater-going audiences.” Assuming Warner Animation Group is still taking pitches, then, we’d like to offer the studio two words that could blow this project wide open: cinematic universe.


You’re welcome, everyone.

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