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The first Hustlers trailer is here to show off its best dance moves and scam these men

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As far are true stories go, the tale of Rosie Keo and her former co-workers has to be one of the more outrageous workplace narratives you may ever hear. It’s also a combination of ideal components for a fun cinematic retelling: sex, a heist, sharp women taking control of their lives, and immaculate pole-dancing. Toss in a cast of today’s most prominent women across the pop culture landscape and you have a film with stockpiled appeal. In short, you have Hustlers, and the first trailer is here after a late-night drop.

Constance Wu stars as Destiny, a single mom who is looking for a way to support her family and, in her words, “maybe go shopping every once in a while.” She receives guidance from the club’s seasoned dancer Ramona, played by Jennifer Lopez, who shows her a few useful dance moves before letting her in on the true cash grab: finessing rich men. Set to the highly appropriate tune of “Money” by Cardi B. (who also appears in the film), the clip shows the beginnings of a highly effective scam taking shape. Honestly, it’s very difficult to not fall for Ramona’s motives for targeting the Wall Street crowd and, consequently, root for this crew of lovely scammers within this two-minute peek. It should be noted that this is a story that centers women and is also written and directed by a woman, Lorene Scafaria. This could account for the scenes packed with women getting along and actually respecting one another, if we had to guess.


Hustlers stars Wu, Lopez, Cardi B., Lizzo, Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Trace Lysette, Julia Stiles, and gobs of money. It glides into theaters September 13.