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After decades of depicting the human soul as little more than floating target practice for cocky physicists with nuclear accelerators strapped to their backs, it sounds like the Ghostbusters franchise is finally going to let the ghosts tell their side of the story. This is per geek news site ThatHashtagShow.com, which reports that the plot of Sony’s upcoming animated Ghostbusters movie will be told from the point of view of one of the ghosts themselves. (Cue a million angry internet men asking why we can’t just have living Ghostbusters, like the good old days.)

As previously reported, the film is being directed by Fletcher Moules, whose past credits include one of those CGI commercials for mobile game Clash Of The Clans that were unavoidable a few years ago. Meanwhile, it’s not clear where ThatHashtagShow got the info about the film’s spectral-focused storytelling, but it presumably came from somewhere in Sony’s significantly-less-cool-than-it-sounds Ghost Corps, the Ivan-Reitman-affiliated internal group responsible for developing new Ghostbusters movies for the studio. (The group is also reportedly working on a new live-action film, disconnected from Paul Feig’s 2016 reboot.)


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