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The Handmaid's Tale season three trailer starts a revolution

As far as tag lines go, “Blessed be the fight” is a pretty damn promising one for the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale. Hulu has released a full trailer for the third installment of the series, which looks extremely eventful. Last year’s finale was fairly divisive, and saw June (Elisabeth Moss)—along with the secret Martha network—helping Emily (Alexis Bledel) escape Gilead with June’s baby in tow. Meanwhile, June stayed behind to start a revolution and find her other daughter, Hannah. All of which leads us to the season three trailer, which teases an alliance between June, Mrs. Waterford, and (maybe?) Aunt Lydia. There are also several great shots in there, including one with June and Mrs. Waterford smoking near a pool, and another where they appear to be burning down the Waterford home—whether that’s real or from a dream sequence, it’s a great callback to last season, which ended with the Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House.”


Hulu will release the first three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale season three on June 5, with new episodes dropping every subsequent Wednesday.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Adapted from the classic novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale is the story of life in the dystopia of Gilead, a totalitarian society in what was formerly the United States. Facing environmental disasters and a plunging birthrate, Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalism in its militarized ‘return to traditional values’. As one of the few remaining fertile women, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is a Handmaid in the Commander’s household, one of the caste of women forced into sexual servitude as a last desperate attempt to repopulate the world. In this terrifying society, Offred must navigate between Commanders, their cruel Wives, domestic Marthas, and her fellow Handmaids – where anyone could be a spy for Gilead – all with one goal: to survive and find the daughter that was taken from her.