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The LAPD is formally investigating Harvey Weinstein for rape

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, Alberto Pizzoli)

Just a few days after Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that he was looking for women to come forward with stories about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abuse, the LAPD has announced that it’s formally investigating rape allegations that have been made against the now-former movie studio executive. Deadline says that an LAPD officer confirmed that the department interviewed a “potential sexual assault victim” recently who says that the alleged assault happened in Beverly Hills after a “fashion and film event” in 2013.

The woman provided the LAPD with a “detailed statement” of what allegedly happened, though specific details have—understandably—not been released. As Deadline notes, this alleged 2013 assault is “well within” the 10-year range of California’s old sexual assault statute of limitations. The statute was eliminated entirely last year (partly in response to the allegations against Bill Cosby), but that only applies to assaults that happened after January of this year.


A representative for Weinstein released a statement saying that he “obviously can’t speak to anonymous allegations,” but he “unequivocally denies allegations of non-consensual sex.” This news comes as police in London and New York are also looking into allegations that have been made against Weinstein.

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