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Police in London and Los Angeles are also looking into allegations against Harvey Weinstein

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson /Getty Images

Not that we particularly give a shit about his well-being, but last we checked, Harvey Weinstein was “not okay.” He spoke those words as he was about to board a private jet to a no-doubt luxurious rehab facility in Arizona, where he could ponder the mystery of how one accidentally becomes an alleged serial rapist. Now things are even less okay for the disgraced former film mogul as a number of news outlets, including the Associated Press, The Guardian, and Variety, are reporting that law-enforcement investigations against Weinstein are not only trans-Atlantic, but bicoastal as well.

In a statement, the London Metropolitan Police Department says that “The Met has been passed an allegation of sexual abuse by Merseyside police on Wednesday 11 October. The allegation will be assessed by officers from the child abuse and sexual offenses command.” Weinstein is not mentioned by name in the statement, but British media sources, including the BBC, have identified him as the subject of the investigation.

Meanwhile, the LAPD tells Deadline that it is “considering our options and the best course of action to take” regarding Weinstein. California governor Jerry Brown lifted the statute of limitations on rape cases back in September 2016, but the law only affects assaults that occurred after January 1, 2017. Weinstein is also under renewed investigation by the NYPD, which conducted the 2015 sting operation against Weinstein that resulted in a nauseating audio clip of Weinstein admitting to groping Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez and begging her to join him in his hotel room.

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