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The newest clip from Netflix's Sexy Beasts dating show offers fresh nightmare fuel

Netflix's twist on the reality dating show genre premieres on July 21

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The beastly bachelors looking for love on Sexy Beasts
The beastly bachelors looking for love on Sexy Beasts
Photo: Netflix

Netflix cursed us last month with the trailer for their new reality dating series Sexy Beasts featuring, among other things, a beaver talking about how much he likes ass, and a baboon snogging the devil. Now, the streamer has returned to give us more haunting looks from the forthcoming show that disguises single people as a variety of animals and creatures through use of some pretty intense special effects makeup as they search for personality-based love.

In this particular clip, Netflix gives us a look at an elimination round. A panda decides who will join her on a second date. She must choose between the ox with a septum piercing named Josh, a rusted tin man named Ethan, and a red alien with a mega-mind named Tyler. The Panda tells her 3 potential matches her worries about pursuing another date with each of them, starting with Ethan. After their first date, she feels like she and Ethan don’t have enough in common. Because of the makeup and prosthetics, it’s difficult to tell how the three beastly bachelors feel about their potential dumping, but we can still feel Ethan’s judgmental glance at Tyler after the Panda calls him a “ladies’ man.” Poor Tyler, the guy has so much special effects makeup on, all he can muster up is slightly opening his mouth in a move that could potentially serve as a smile. The Panda then moves on to tell Josh the opposite; she says that he’s a “nerd” with “no hoes back home,” but that he may not be ready for a relationship. If Josh is feeling anything under all that hair and face modification it is undetectable, as all we get is a steady stare.


The first 6-episode season of Sexy Beasts premieres on Netflix July 21, with the second season airing later this year.