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The president's adult son has a cookie, is proud of it

Above is a picture of the eldest son of the 45th president celebrating his 40th birthday with a large cookie. Standing alongside him is notable Twitter funnyman Ted Cruz, who perhaps cajoled the scion into actively opting to share the photo on Instagram, where it would presumably be met by the president’s fans with great delight. It was not, but boy, they sure seem to be having a good time together! And who wouldn’t be, when such humor is to be had alongside a cookie. See—the joke requires some explaining—the cookie has a drawing of former president Barack Obama on it, and this is funny. (You can tell it is by the expressions on Cruz and Trump’s faces, which are their gummy facsimiles of smiles.)


As you scroll to the right, you can see that the laughs—and the exposure of teeth—continues. You could nitpick about the fact that the drawing of Obama better resembles Michael Chiklis wearing a wig, or that the eldest son of our 45th president thinks that a large cookie is a cake, and so tagged it as such on Instagram not once but twice. (It’s a fucking cookie, Don.) But, really, who are we to nitpick when two people are having such good, wholesome fun like this? Big cookies are delicious, fun, and, when containing an image of former president Barack Obama, extremely funny.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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