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The Town inspires even more robberies, obviously

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ben Affleck’s 2010 crime drama has already given us so much—an ass-kicking resolution to the debt-ceiling crisis, the elevation of Blake Lively to leading actress roles—but did you know it has also inspired some things that are less than awesome? According to the NYPD, The Town served as a how-to guide for five robbers who successfully pulled off 62 burglaries using methods from the movie, including cutting the power to the buildings they targeted and using headlamps to find their way around, as well as splashing bleach to scrub away DNA evidence. Like the duo arrested in Chicago for pulling off a bank robbery wearing the exact same nun masks featured in the film, the Brooklyn-based thieves say they copped all of their moves from The Town, except the part where they all got arrested, instead of something more fittingly cinematic. Also, this sort-of-fucking-around-crew only came away with around $217,000, sticking mostly to delis, pizzerias, and even candy stores, which would make for a shitty movie. But still, cribbing from The Town seems to have worked out okay for them for well over a year, the cops want you to know. [NBC New York via THR]