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The Workaholics guys get their very own Die Hard in the Game Over, Man! trailer

It’s been almost a year now since Workaholics went off the air, taking with it the collectively deranged slacker schemings of Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and their behind-the-scenes accomplice, Kyle Newacheck. Fans missing the quartet’s work are in luck today, though, because Netflix just released the first full trailer for Game Over, Man!, the team’s first, bonkers-looking feature film.


In execution, the movie looks a little like those old ultra-violent trailers for the show, which saw DeVine, Anderson, and Holm play-acting as badass action heroes. The plot itself looks to be a pretty straightforward comedic re-hashing of Die Hard, except with a trio of bumbling waiters in the place of one tough-as-nails New York cop. Credit where credit’s due, though: It does have a lot more Shaggy than we were honestly expecting to see.

Game Over, Man! debuts on Netflix on March 23.

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