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There’s a warrant out for Rose McGowan’s arrest on a drug charge

Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images
Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

The Associated Press reports Virginia has issued a warrant for Rose McGowan’s arrest on a drug possession charge. Back on January 20, police at Washington Dulles International Airport inspected some personal belongings reportedly left on a United Airlines flight by McGowan. They claim there were traces of narcotics on the items, so they obtained a warrant on February 1 of this year. Apparently, police have been trying to get McGowan to appear in court in Loudoun County, Virginia since getting the warrant.

A Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department spokesperson tells Radar Online that McGowan hasn’t been served with the warrant, but that the filing would pop up in a records check during any “encounter” she might have with police. The sudden interest in enforcing this part of the law is of course suspicious to many, including McGowan, who tweeted not long after reports of the warrant started to break.


After years of calling out Hollywood’s sexism and rape culture in general, McGowan publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of rape earlier this month. Although she did accept a $100,000 settlement from Weinstein in 1997, that agreement didn’t include any kind of confidentiality clause, which is why McGowan had, until recently, not seen any consequences beyond a Twitter ban for speaking out. It wasn’t the last time Weinstein attempted to silence her with money, though. McGowan recently told The New York Times that she’d been offered $1 million to sign a nondisclosure agreement in late September—just before the Times and New Yorker published their damning reports on sexual assault and harassment allegations—which she ultimately rejected.

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