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There was a lot of dancing on the Thor: Ragnarok set, most of it good

In conjunction with the announcement that Thor: Ragnarok now has an official DVD/Blu-ray release date, Marvel has unveiled an exclusive gag reel that proves the making of the film was just as much of a delight as the finished product. That’s thanks in no small part to director Taika Waititi, who opens the short clip by treating viewers to the rarely heard lyrics to the Marvel Studios production logo. Judging from this gag reel, days on set were filled with a lot of goofing around and a lot of dancing, most of it good, and most of it instigated by Waititi himself.

“It’s been like that the whole time. Just cracking up on set,” said the film’s titular star Chris Hemsworth, who was not only under the direction of Waititi but got to perform alongside him when the director donned his motion capture suit to play to role of Korg. “It’s definitely the most lighthearted, fun set I’ve been on.” Making this movie together seemed like so much fun, that it’s no surprise Hemsworth and Waititi have reportedly already been discussing their next Thor adventure together.


Check out the full video to see Taika Waititi give a tour of a “Saakarian Radio Shake” before having a mini-dance off with Jeff Goldblum. Or, if you’re in the market for more special features, the Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray hits stores March 6.

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