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Tiffany Haddish gave the only awards-show speech you'll need this year, and got P.T. Anderson's phone number

Last night at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Tiffany Haddish delivered an acceptance speech that would surely win her an award for Best Acceptance Speech, should such an award exist. In a winding, hilarious, alcohol-enhanced 17-minute monologue, Haddish accepted the Best Supporting Actress for her role in Girls Trip. She offered up a story about a deleted scene, her thoughts on film critics (“The only film critics I knew before this were Siskel and Ebert...”), and the awesome story about how she landed Girls Trip in the first place. She’s an overnight success story who’s been doing comedy for more than 20 years, and she’s clearly enjoying some time in the spotlight. She’ll have her pick of roles for her next project, and auteur Paul Thomas Anderson (whose Phantom Thread is rolling out nationwide this month) wants to be in the Haddish business: Lesley Manville, accepting the Best Screenplay award on Anderson’s behalf, read a message to Haddish that stated, “Tiffany, I know everyone wants to work with you now, but please, may I cut to the front of the line?” Manville then read Anderson’s phone number to the crowd of assembled critics, who were nice enough to keep it to themselves. Haddish’s full speech can be seen thanks to Buzzfeed and Filmspotting’s Alison Willmore, who had the presence of mind to film it on her phone.

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