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Variety reports that TNT has canceled its lighthearted adventure series The Librarians tonight, declaring the show overdue after only four seasons on the air. A spin-off of a series of TV movies that originally began airing in 2004, the show tracked a group of world travelers, led by Rebecca Romjin, as they attempted to keep various powerful mystical artifacts out of evil hands. The series was notable both for its enjoyably light tone, and for the surprisingly high caliber of veteran TV talent—Bob Newhart, John Larroquette, Jane Curtin—it stocked its roster with.


Showrunner Dean Devlin—he of the Stargate and Independence Day franchises—has pledged to try to find a new home for his wayward series, stating, “I will immediately begin the process of trying to move the show elsewhere. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!” News of the cancellation came shortly after Noah Wyle, who starred in the original Librarian films, and who had a recurring role on the TNT show, had just been cast in Greg Berlanti and Ava DuVernay’s Red Line on CBS.

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