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Today, in disconcerting art: A Tom Hardy wax figure with a beating heart and “warm torso”

Look, we know this is impossible to capture, so maybe we shouldn’t try? (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Our well-documented criticisms of celebrity statues include a call for greater accuracy, so we don’t end up with a Cristiano Ronaldo bust that looks like its face is sliding off. But that isn’t our only beef with these life-size tributes (though it was the case with this Lady Gaga monstrosity). Sometimes the effort to perfectly capture a famous person’s essence ends up leading down an even darker path.

The waxworks at Madame Tussauds’ various locations can be pretty hit or miss, but we have to grudgingly admit that the latest addition, a Tom Hardy figure, at least resembles its model. Reuters has the news and images of the wax Hardy lounging on a tufted leather sofa, which is not a bad tableau. The arm slung around the back of the couch is a nice touch, because it allows for great photo-ops but also shows off Hardy’s genial nature. After all, despite playing several memorably gruff characters, the British actor’s penchant for puppy pics and bedtime stories have cultivated an affable image.


We assume that was the inspiration for the figure’s beating heart, which museum visitors can listen to if they lean in close, and “warm, soft torso,” which they can feel up when they “cuddle” the statue. Again, we recognize that we asked for more lifelike statues—that is, if we can’t get sculptors to give up on this pursuit altogether—but these two touches are just off-putting. And, more practically, they probably mean the lines have gotten really long at Madame Tussauds London. Besides, if you really want to get a sense of Hardy’s energy and youthful spirit, just listen to his mixtape.

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