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Tournament Of Laughs turns comedians into joke-slinging athletes in exclusive trailer

Remember sports? We understand if you don’t, since it’s been approximately 79 years since the last time we witnessed an actual game that wasn’t marble racing. We vaguely remember a musclefest that involved an orange ball and, at times, a bracket of some sort. What was that thing called? Foosball? In any case, there is one humble group of trained, time-tested competitors who are determined to revive sports culture... sort of. There won’t be a ton of athletics (aside from a round of couple’s yoga with Jeff Ross), but there will be plenty of jokes and wigs, which are the next best thing, right?


Hosted by Jason Sudeikis, TBS’ Tournament Of Laughs will show 32 comedians going head-to-healthily-distanced-head to determine who is the funniest, bracket-style. Each contender will compete with their best material over the course of seven episodes with self-produced videos. Sudeikis, naturally, will serve up commentary, but he and TBS are leaving the decision-making up to the viewing audience, which will decide who rises to the top via phone and online voting. The final episode will feature a panel of experts who will crown an ultimate winner.

COVID-19 has drastically shifted just about every industry, y’all. This is our March Madness now. Margaret Cho and Yamaneika Saunders are our MVPs, so it’s already better than what we had before.

Tournament Of Laughs begins Sunday, June 21 at 10 PM EST on TBS. Check out the official match-up below, per TBS:


Jeff Ross vs Beth Stelling

Moshe Kasher vs Aida Rodriguez

Mary Lynn Rajskub vs Preacher Lawson

Natasha Leggero vs Cameron Esposito


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog vs Chaunté Wayans

Clayton English vs Matteo Lane

The Sklar Brothers vs Yamaneika Saunders

Judah Friedlander vs Piff the Magic Dragon


Jim Norton as “Chip Chipperson” vs Megan Gailey

Gina Yashere vs Paul Rodriguez

Josh Wolf vs Vladmir Caamano

Gilbert Gottfried vs Sarah Tiana


Margaret Cho vs Ian Edwards

Michael Rapapport vs Jessica Kirson

Godfrey vs Tim Dillon

Fortune Feimster vs Marina Franklin