For those who have long complained that, for a show ostensibly about vampires, True Blood is remarkably light on vampires doing vampire things, the trailer for the fifth season promises to remedy that somewhat. It's filled with characters fanging out, arterial sprays, and random acts of bloodsucking, and notably lighter on the increasingly tedious soap opera romance, even relegating Anna Paquin's Sookie mostly to the margins in favor of following the power plays in the vampire world following last season's violent finale. (Which continues to yield the blessing of no Tara.) Barely any of the dudes take their shirts off, Paquin only gets to have one moment of hesitant, almost-making-out with a supernatural creature she knows she shouldn't get involved with but just can't help it—truly, it is the dawn of a new Alan Ball-less age in Bon Temps. In fact, most of this preview is dominated by fresh recruit Christopher Meloni, the intimidating new leader of the Authority who plans to restore order and put them back on top where they belong, right next to his bottle of dick cream. Wait, forget that last part.