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Trump's National Anthem performance, decoded at last

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

A good 90% of the words that emerge from President Donald “Old Baby” Trump’s pursed, Big Mac-stained lips are mumbled nonsense, so it comes as little surprise that the same percentage applies to his recent attempt to sing the National Anthem at Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has tried to salvage the disastrously spotty performance by filling in a handful of the skipped verses and dumbly confident lip-synced words mouthed by the man we’ve all somehow agreed to call America’s commander-in-chief.

While far from the thorough job usually performed by the people behind Bad Lip Reading—even they can’t put words to the many moments in which Trump’s unable to fake well enough to even keep his gob open—we still get a few snatches of a reworked anthem. New lines like “the baby bird chicken hatched” and “oh, Donna’s a sugar packet” seem just as likely to be what the President was singing than anything else.


This isn’t the first time the channel has worked its magic on a man who may as well be a blank check for enterprising comedians, but it’s notable for stumping even the masters of reinterpreting his nonsensical words. Watch for yourself to enjoy a nice little laugh while remembering, too, the distinctly present-day absurdity that more of the nation’s kindergartners know the National Anthem than their president.

[via Uproxx]


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