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Uma Thurman's response to a question about sexual misconduct is absolutely blistering

Over the weekend you may have come across this response from Uma Thurman, when asked by Access Hollywood about sexual misconduct in Hollywood:

“I don’t have a tidy soundbite for you,” she says, slowly and deliberately. “Because I am not a child, and I have learned that when I’ve spoken in anger, I usually regret the way I express myself. So I’ve been waiting to feel less angry. And when I’m ready, I’ll say what I have to say.” By the end she’s seething, speaking directly into the camera. The clip has made its way all over Twitter, thanks in part to the vivid way it seems to illustrate the rage so many in Hollywood have felt at keeping the “open secret” of sexual misconduct by powerful people for decades.

The clip of Thurman was originally posted by Asia Argento, who is among the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Thurman worked with Weinstein on several movies, including two collaborations with Quentin Tarantino.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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