The careers of Judd Apatow and Steven Brill have diverged wildly since 1995’s cult comedy Heavyweights. The former created two beloved, albeit short-lived television shows and produced some massive hit comedies, while Brill directed Adam Sandler in Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds, then got mired in the Fanboys reshoots controversy (though he did also write the Mighty Ducks films). Now Brill returns with Walk Of Shame, his first feature since Drillbit Taylor, starring Elizabeth Banks in the sort of R-rated comedy crammed with funny people that's become synonymous with Apatow.

Banks stars as a local news reporter who's drawn out for a night on the town by her friends, played by Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright. After going home with James Marsden—to share a slice of pizza a la Lady And The Tramp, watch him play guitar in his boxers, and do some knife tricks—she wakes up in the middle of the night to discover she has a shot at becoming an anchor the next night. Except when she rushes outside, her car is being towed—with her purse inside—kicking the “one craaaaaazy day” cycle of pratfalls into motion. Kevin Nealon, Bill Burr, Lawrence Gilliard, Jr., and Tig Notaro (as an impound lot attendant with a mullet) all make appearances. For whatever it's worth, this at least looks like a step up from Brill’s previous work like Without A Paddle and Ready To Rumble.