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Watch Harrison Ford express actual, human joy as an interview goes off the rails

Harrison Ford is a slam-dunk late-night interview, his droll humor and stone-faced inability to give a shit leading to all-time great sit-downs with hosts who can keep up, like David Letterman. Watching him shit on Blade Runner 2049 co-star Ryan Gosling has been a blast, but at some point, the facade must crack, leading to this truly delightful interview with ITV’s Alison Hammond.

Hammond admits up front that she’s never seen the original film, setting a loose tone that leads to a couple travel bottles of whiskey getting cracked open, Ford shouting a Jerry Maguire quote, a couple fourth-wall-breaking flip-outs from Gosling, and the sort of delightfully unhinged conversational dead-ends we typically expect from a Space Ghost interview. Who knows if they were all jetlagged and exhausted or just truly inspired by the, um, gorgeous London weather; the typical promotional beats break down, letting you see Ford actually having what the rest of us would consider “fun.”

He still shits all over Gosling, though. Some things never change.

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