(Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Imagine getting ready to tuck into the new season of Stranger Things when you receive an email from Netflix that threatens your binge watch. As Deadline reports, some subscribers recently got emails indicating their accounts were being canceled or suspended for lack of payment. “Your suspension notification” read the subject line on what turned out to be a phishing email, but must have driven a stake of fear through the hearts of anyone just trying to watch the first season of Lady Dynamite ahead of that show’s season-two premiere.

The message itself was “well-designed, individualized,” and included a link to a fake Netflix page where recipients were prompted for their login and credit card info. Mailguard was alerted to the scam and snagged a screenshot of the email:


(Screenshot: Mailguard)

So just be leery of any new correspondence purportedly from Netflix.