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Watch Rick And Morty sacrifice Butter Bot to the gods of capitalism

Look: We all have bills to pay, and so do our favorite TV shows. Despite the many faults of the worst elements of its fanbase, Rick And Morty is a brilliant TV show, and if shilling some deodorant ensures another season or two of tightly written comedy and impressively nerdy sci-fi world-building, so be it. Still, you have to commend them for this deodorant ad, in which they both totally phone it in—calling the whole thing out as a sell-out move off the bat, impassively reading the deodorant’s selling-points off a sheet of paper, fecklessly counting the money at the end—and also pack a weird amount of variety into its execution. The three spray-on deodorant monsters have a ball torturing the poor Butter Bot, who memorably never even wanted to exist in the first place.

And, in classic Rick And Morty fashion, it’s also an elaborate in-joke, mimicking the exact structure of a previous sell-out move.

Morty sure has grown in the intervening years, hasn’t he?


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