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Well, shit: Gillian Anderson says she's done with American Gods, too

(Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Like an entire message board’s worth of ’90s internet forum members, Gillian Anderson just won’t stop breaking our hearts. Earlier this week, Anderson made it clear—in no uncertain terms—that she’s done with Fox’s X-Files reboot, and that the show’s eleventh season will be her last outing as stalwart FBI agent Dana Scully. Now, she’s told The L.A. Times that she’s also ducking out on Starz’s Neil Gaiman adaptation, American Gods.

Anderson appeared throughout the first season of the show as the New God Media, embodying pop culture superstars like David Bowie, Lucille Ball, and Judy Garland in order to lure Ricky Whittle’s Shadow over to her and her comrades’ side. No more, though: Anderson’s said she’s out, and it’s all Michael Green and Bryan Fuller’s fault.


Specifically, the actress says she won’t be returning to American Gods now that Green and Fuller—the latter of whom also recruited her for his much-missed cannibal/food-porn series Hannibalhave departed the show. (It’s not entirely clear whether that decision comes from Anderson or the show’s new management, although it’s hard to imagine that they’d let her go on purpose.) Meanwhile, actress Kristin Chenoweth—another Fuller alum, who plays Easter on Godssays she’s also unsure whether the new showrunners will be bringing her character back when the show returns.

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