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Westworld (Photo: HBO, John P. Johnson)

In the original Westworld movie, the actual cowboy theme park was only one portion of a larger set of historical, robot-filled vacation destinations like Roman World and Medieval World. Neither of those were teased at all in HBO’s Westworld TV show, but the end of its first season did reveal a Samurai World that nobody in the cowboy department ever felt the need to acknowledge. Since then, the people working on the show have mostly tried to act like the Samurai World thing never happened, presumably to avoid giving away any hints for Westworld’s second season, but star Ed Harris did casually mention at one point that he doesn’t want to put on samurai armor at any point—implying that we didn’t all hallucinate the samurai guys at least.

Now, Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are breaking from tradition and offering some actual hints about other worlds that might appear in season two of the show. As reported by Deadline, Nolan and Joy recently explained why they left the movie’s Roman World and Medieval World out of their show, to which Nolan responded: “We had to save something for season two.” That’s far from a confirmation about centurions and knights joining Evan Rachel Wood’s robot army, but it’s also not an obvious joke. In other words, there might be togas and chainmail in season two of Westworld.


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