TBS Re-Imagines Reality Hoax Series, “The Joe Schmo Show” | Teaser | TBS

TBS announced the series earlier this week, releasing a trailer introducing the audience to Ben, who believes he’s been brought on to compete on a reality show called The Goat, and is unaware that everyone around him is an actor playing a series of exaggerated weirdos. As ever, the premise is both strange and kind of queasy; it remains, 20 years later, uncomfortable to watch an unsuspecting person be encouraged to turn themselves into the butt of a joke for a national audience.


As it happens, though, the new Joe Schmo has picked up a bit of controversy already: Former series star Ralph Garman, who played the host of each of the show’s first three iterations, has expressed his unhappiness at having that role be handed over to Cat Deely, and told THR that, while he was approached for a cameo on the new series, the offer came late in production, and the payments involved were merely adding insult to injury.”

The Joe Schmo Show is currently listed as “coming soon” by TBS.