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Yep, Party Down has been canceled

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fans have been dreading this moment ever since Adam Scott turned up on Parks And Recreation, and today Deadline made it official: Party Down is no more. Despite its fervent following—including avowed fan and Starz CEO Chris Albrecht—the network decided that the show’s appeal was not “wide enough” to justify keeping it on the schedule. As we said, this probably isn’t a surprise: First Jane Lynch defected to Glee, then Ryan Hansen signed on for the sitcom-we-want-to-stab-in-the-face-on-principle Friends With Benefits, then Lizzy Caplan filmed the CBS pilot Mad Love (though she gave Party Down fans false hope when she was recently replaced by Judy Greer), and then, of course, Scott moved on up to NBC like he's some sort of big shot now. And when most of your lead cast is edging toward the door like that, it’s really only a matter of time. Sad nevertheless. An official announcement is expected later today.