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It’s rare that the Hollywood industrial complex so flagrantly wags its hatred for the thick, heaving masses, but with Young Sheldon it has quite literally lifted lines from its most popular character—The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon—and regurgitated them from the maw of some sneering moppet. It’d be hard for anybody to write a cogent analysis of something cobbled together from dusty Emmys and cynicism—we gave it our best—so nobody can blame the University Of Rochester’s Campus Times for collapsing in the shadow of Iain Armitage’s fun-sized bowtie.

You can read managing editor Jesse Bernstein’s treatise on the show here, though it might be more effective to view the print edition below.


There are a few bits of analysis interspersed between the piece’s litany of “why”s, including a rather insightful point about the show’s transparent beefing up of basic academic concepts (“Newtonian gravity”?), but really what we’re looking at here is a bout of existential despair, which makes the Kierkegaard section that much more clear.

Here’s hoping Bernstein isn’t aiming for episodic coverage, because there was no way this thing wasn’t getting a full season order.

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