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Zoe Saldaña addresses Guardians script gaffe, wants to work with filmmakers who "know that I am an adult"

Zoe Saldaña implies that Marvel Studios "underestimate" their stars' intelligence in how they handle their scripts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Zoe Saldana talks Guardians script gaffe
Zoe Saldaña
Photo: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images)

Zoe Saldaña still has at least one more Marvel movie to promote, but now that Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 is in the can, her vibe is very “Nicole Kidman after signing the Tom Cruise divorce papers” about her relationship with the MCU. She recently said she “felt artistically stuck in my craft of not being able to expand or grow or challenge myself” during her years in the superhero franchise. Now, she has another grievance to air.

This concerns the hubbub around her February Instagram post, in which she donned Gamora green while reading the GOTG 3 script. She quickly had to take it down “because of Marvel Security.” Other MCU stars have discussed the intense secrecy around the scripts—sometimes the studio and directors give the actors false pages; sometimes, the full script can only be read for a limited amount of time in a locked room on an iPad. Saldaña, quite reasonably, tells InStyle that these methods “can be annoying sometimes.”


“That’s not cool, because you have to memorize, you have to prepare, you have to do research. And I tend to take myself a little too seriously sometimes,” she says of the limited time she had with her script pages. “I really enjoy working with filmmakers that don’t underestimate my intelligence and know that I am an adult. I will be discreet. It is as important to me as it is for him or her that I don’t let these scripts out of my sight.”

Saldaña has exercised some discretion by couching her criticism in vague terms, but it sure sounds like she’s saying Marvel treats their actors like kids. Of course, that’s not the only franchise she’s expressed issues with—though notably, she tells InStyle she hopes to return to Star Trek and has only glowing things to say about Avatar: The Way Of Water. She did reiterate her dismay with Pirates Of The Caribbean, however: “Pirates was just too big of a production. I just felt lost and not considered properly and overlooked. I remember thinking, ‘If this is Hollywood, then I hate it. I don’t want it. Take it, keep it,’” she recalls.


Nonetheless, she’s drawn to big sci-fi stories. “Maybe because I’m a woman of color, you can’t look back into your history and not feel a level of sadness. It’s just history. It’s what happened. I was always more charmed by the prospects of the future and what that would represent,” she explains to the outlet. “I get to imagine something that is completely unimaginable. It just made me feel more free, that I can try new things and not be judged for it because you can’t compare to anything. I always felt that science fiction gave me that freedom—that sense of escapism—and a sense of comfort.”