(Photo: Getty Images, Valerie Macon)

According to Variety, ABC has ordered a pilot for a reboot of Get Christie Love, the ‘70s cop show that starred Teresa Graves as an undercover detective trying to overthrow a drug ring. It was also notable for being the only U.S. network drama with a black female lead right up until Scandal premiered decades later. The new version will star former Pitch lead Kylie Bunbury, and instead of being a regular undercover detective she’ll be a “CIA agent who leads an elite ops unit” and “transforms into whomever she needs to be to get the job done, especially when it’s down to the wire and the stakes are life and death.”

The kind of earnest, high-drama setup is very ‘70s, and the Variety story adds that it will be “music-driven,” so hopefully that bit of style will carry through into the finished product. Behind the scenes, the show—if it gets taken to series—will count Vin Diesel among its executive producers, and Power’s Courtney A. Kemp will act as showrunner.