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Actually, Andy Dick was fired from two movies this month over claims of harassing behavior

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier today, we reported that comedian and actor Andy Dick—whose career has been dotted with decades worth of claims of sexual harassment, drug use, and general unprofessionalism—had been fired from Raising Buchanan, an indie movie he had been working on, due to claims of “groping people’s genitals, unwanted kissing/licking and sexual propositions of at least four members of the production.” Now, it turns out that Raising Buchanan wasn’t even the only film Dick had been fired from for this kind of behavior this month; according to The Hollywood Reporter, Dick was also removed from a second film, Vampire Dad, for similar reasons two weeks ago.

THR talked to Kathryn Moseley, a producer on the low-budget comedy, getting a picture of Dick’s on-set behavior. Apparently, Dick showed up a day late for the start of production after missing a flight, quickly demanded alcohol from crew members, and swiftly“became belligerent.” When the film’s management got together to make the decision to fire him, several members of the production came forward with reports that Dick had sexually propositioned or touched them inappropriately during his short time on set.


Moseley—who noted that the comedy’s production is 70 percent women—specifically cited the fallout of Hollywood’s current and ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal in her discussion of the decision to fire Dick:

As soon as I started to hear the stories on set, we ordered an investigation because I realized the magnitude of his actions. There’s a tectonic shift happening in Hollywood around this subject matter. For me, it’s important to draw a line and say that this is not OK for anyone. As a production company, we support everyone on set and we want to provide a good, positive work environment.


She also answered the all-important question of “Why in the hell would you hire Andy Dick in the first place, in 2017?”

We were under the assumption that he was sober. He was a good fit for the character, Oliver. I believe in second chances and through our entire pre-vetting process and interviews, he was cogent and polite. He seemed OK, and there were no indications that he was not sober.

Dick made similar claims of sobriety earlier today, telling THR that his on-set behavior was due to accidentally taking too much of the anxiety medication Xanax, which apparently makes him “loopy” in such a way that he’s no longer capable of recognizing the boundaries or rights of other human beings to not get groped by Andy Dick.