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Alec Baldwin thinks everyone is being “unfair” to Woody Allen

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Every once in a while, it seems possible that there’s actually more than one Alec Baldwin. On one end of the spectrum, there’s the fun, personable guy who keeps getting new TV shows over on ABC, and on the other, there’s the guy who said all of that awful shit to his daughter that one time, the guy who thinks late night shows are going too far by criticizing famous people who have been accused of sexual misconduct, and the guy who said everybody had heard rumors about Harvey Weinstein but still blamed Rose McGowan for not doing enough about it. Of course, there’s really just the one guy, and whether or not you see him as the fun guy or the shitty guy is probably a matter of how much shittiness you can stomach. Either way, the shitty Alec Baldwin is here and he has some stuff to say about Woody Allen.

This comes from Entertainment Weekly, which reports that Baldwin recently tweeted that it’s “unfair and sad” that actors who appeared in Woody Allen movies have recently been renouncing their work and distancing themselves from the filmmaker over the well-known allegations that he molested his daughter Dylan Farrow when she was a child in 1992. Baldwin notes that Allen was “investigated forensically” and “no charges were filed,” so people should “at least consider that he is telling the truth” when he denies the allegations.


He does concede that there’s “some purpose” to people turning their backs on Allen, but overall he seems to believe that people should just stop trusting Farrow’s consistent claims and assume that Allen is trustworthy. After all, trusting famous men in power has worked pretty well for Hollywood so far, so why bother trying to change things now?

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