(Photo: Amazon Studios)

Amazon Prime’s already laid out its September slate, which includes the season-four premiere of Jill Soloway’s hilarious and heartbreaking Transparent. And as is so often the case these days, Amazon’s studio arm has already announced an early renewal for the show. The fifth season will begin production and premiere in 2018. In a joint statement, Amazon and Soloway expressed their mutual gratitude, with the series creator saying “We are extremely grateful to Amazon Studios for their continued trust and support and to our audience for their warm embrace of the Pfeffermans. We look forward to another season of comedy and drama, love and weirdness, God and sex—in the service of community and in pursuit of peace, joy, freedom and human rights for all.”

Last season took the Pfeffermans (and Raquel) To Shell And Back, but the new batch of episodes has a trip to the Holy Land for Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) and Ali (Gaby Hoffmann), a big-ass sub for Shelly, and some reflection for all the Pfeffermans, though we’re pretty sure we already know how the latter will turn out. Transparent season four premieres September 22 on Amazon Prime.