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Black Mirror takes credit for Apple's latest techno-dystopia

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It can’t be easy for Black Mirror to constantly come up with with nightmare technological scenarios, especially when reality seems to be constantly on the lookout for ways to turn Charlie Brooker’s smartphone-based fever dreams into actual, livable truth. So you can forgive the Netflix series for poking a little fun at Apple today for once again following in its dystopic footsteps, tweeting out its own tweak on the tech giant’s big press conference this afternoon.

Specifically, the show’s marketing team cited the bit where Apple was showing off its “TrueDepth” camera today, a bit of tech that will allow users to scan their faces and transform them into custom avatars. The show’s Twitter account tweeted out a picture of the demonstration, with one little addition: bright blue, foul-mouthed cartoon character Waldo, from the show’s second-season finale “The Waldo Moment.”


Apple debuted a number of new bells and whistles for its i-line of products today, including face-locking technology and the new “Pay $1,000 for a smartphone” feature audiences have been clamoring for. Meanwhile, Black Mirror presumably got back to the work of its horror-based arms race, as the show continues to try to find a doomsday prophecy that tech giants might still view as a warning, and not a corporate benchmark for Q2 2018.


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