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Brie Larson is looking awfully green in her Captain Marvel costume

(Photo: Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy)

Almost from the beginning, the Captain Marvel movie has made an effort to avoid being compared to the lousy 2011 Green Lantern movie. The basic stories have similar elements, specifically an Earth pilot who goes up into space and gets super powers from an alien, but screenwriter Nicole Perlman said back in 2016 that Marvel specifically didn’t want to make a boring, Green Lantern-esque origin story—a claim that got walked back a few months later.

Anyway, if Marvel didn’t want people to compare Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel movie to Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie, they probably should’ve told the costume designer not to make her superhero outfit so…green.


As you can see in the leaked set photos above, Larson’s costume looks a lot like her current look in the comics, but with black and green instead of blue and red. However, savvy comic book nerds will probably recognize that this color scheme seems to match the old costume worn by Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel in the comics (and the guy Jude Law is definitely playing in the movie). In theory, that could be implying that this is an initial costume that Larson’s character gets when she first receives her alien superpowers, and her modern look will show up at some other point in the movie.

Or maybe Marvel just decided to drastically alter a character’s currently established costume because it likes to annoy fans. It’s tough to say.


[via Page Six]

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