As it turns out, the show’s other lead, Sam Claflin, also couldn’t sing or play—and in fact, reportedly fibbed about just how musical he was in his audition for the show. (“I’d never picked up a guitar before I got this part.”) Not only did he lack ability, but he apparently lacked any knowledge of rock music altogether. He chose, at random, “Your Song” by Elton John for his audition, and when asked to do The Beatles’ “Come Together” he responded, “‘Oh, I know that song, that’s Michael Jackson!’”


“So I had that much of a journey to go on,” Claflin understated the issue for VF. “I knew nothing. But thankfully, they saw something in me and knew that I was sort of pliable and flexible and willing to learn and wanting to learn and willing to sacrifice myself for, like, three years.”

Both the show’s leads managed to get their musical abilities up to scratch (at least, according to them and their producers). And good thing, too, because the show has an involved soundtrack that combines lyrics from the book as well as original compositions that musicians Blake Mills and Tony Berg worked on, with collaborators like Phoebe Bridgers. Folks can judge whether Keough and Claflin and their Daisy Jones compatriots accurately embodied rockstars when the show debuts next year.