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Dave Bautista is a fixture of the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, he had a memorable (if small) role in Blade Runner 2049, and he recently defended Brooklyn from a Civil War in Bushwick, but one of his next projects will involve something even more exciting: a particularly wild and action-packed Uber ride. That comes from Deadline, which says Bautista is set to star in a new action-comedy written by Tripper Clancy and directed by Michael Dowse called Stuber, with Bautista playing a “very determined detective” who needs help from an Uber driver named—get this—Stu. That’s presumably where the name Stuber comes from, but Deadline doesn’t really explore that at all.

Along with Stu and his Uber, Bautista’s character will endure a “harrowing evening of hijinks and mayhem,” so this will probably be like a wackier version of Michael Mann’s Collateral. Unlike Collateral, though, the name of this movie actually gives you some indication of what it’s about (a guy named Stu and an Uber).


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