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David Harbour will apparently do any damn thing for those sweet retweets

They say that every man has its price, and when it comes to Stranger Things actor David Harbour, that price appears to be the all-important “retweet” button on Twitter. Hot on the heels of agreeing to pose for trombone-heavy class photos with a high school senior, Harbour has once again made like Wendy’s and agreed to a deal with the Twitter devil, obliging himself to officiate a woman’s wedding this fall if she reaches the required amount of social media support.


Harbour—having apparently learned from the disastrously low bar he set for that senior photo thing—has, at least, raised his prices; it’ll cost his hopeful employer 125,000 retweets to secure his services, in addition to first dibs on the wedding cake. (Meanwhile, we’ll just have to wait and see what his Twitter quotes are for agreeing to perform other heartfelt social interactions, whether its stopping by your birthday party for a minute, making meaningful eye contact with you from across a crowded room, or pretending to be your boyfriend at your 20th high school reunion.)

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