(Photo: Barcroft Media/Getty Images)

Like the people who attempt to eke out the barest minimum of human happiness against its backdrop of violence and ice zombie apocalypse, romance in Game Of Thrones’ Westeros is generally pretty doomed. The best-case scenario tends to be star-crossed lovers getting ripped apart by war; it’s more likely that you’re going to end up boning your aunt and having a very awkward Thanksgiving.

Luckily, things are a little less dire for the show’s actors, with Entertainment Weekly reporting that Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie—who played fan-favorite doomed couple Jon Snow and Ygritte in the show’s earlier seasons—are now engaged. The pair apparently had a somewhat rocky road toward relationship success, breaking things off a few years ago, only to resume them more recently. Still, if we’re grading on a curve, having to endure an unending avalanche of “You know nothing” jokes for the rest of their lives is still pretty minor compared to repeated incidents of shooting each other with arrows.


Congratulations to the happy couple, although we do have a warning for anyone who plans on attending their future wedding: if you’re in the drinks line, and anybody, for any reason, starts playing The National on the stereo, drop your crab puffs, drop your cocktail, and run for your fucking life.