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Happiness may not last, but at least we finally know when Black Mirror season 4 will drop

The latest trailer for Black Mirror season 4 feels strangely familiar, as it brings together all the other previews we’ve seen for the individual episodes, like the Star Trek parody and the one that will make everyone question becoming a parent. In the clip, a man doubts how long happiness can last, just like we all do when we make it through the first hour of the day without some other bombshell dispatch out of the White House or Hollywood. When the voiceover comes on to urge us to press on—“It’s hard to imagine a bright future, but we can, and we must”—it really starts to sound like a typical day for us, so thank god there are alien worlds to disrupt that feeling.

There is one entirely new bit of info now available, though—the premiere date, which is now set for December 29. So you can take in the dystopia and despair after a week of revelry, when you’ll probably need something to counteract all the sugar and eggnog.


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