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Donald Trump is a terrible president who does bad things constantly, and while a lot of TV shows are focused on that (specifically The Rachel Maddow Show and American Horror Story), History has decided to go in a different direction by moving forward with a drama series about a Democratic president who did some bad things. Titled The Breach: Inside The Impeachment Of Bill Clinton, the six-episode scripted series will be based on Peter Baker’s book of the same name, and a press release says that it will be an “intimate, riveting depiction of how one of the nation’s biggest political scandals unfolded.” Naturally, that means a bunch of major figures from ‘90s politics will appear, including Clinton himself, Newt Gingrich, Ken Starr, Bob Livingston, Hillary Clinton, and Monica Lewinsky, though it doesn’t sound like any actors are attached to play those people yet.

We do know that it’s going to be executive produced and directed by filmmaker R.J. Cutler, though, who said in that same press release that The Breach is “the origin tale of how our government was broken and has never really healed.”


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