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Succession's J. Smith-Cameron would have liked a Roman and Gerri reunion: "Too bad!"

J. Smith-Cameron might not have gotten a happy ending with Kieran Culkin, but she would return to the Succession world

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
J. Smith-Cameron would have liked Roman and Gerri to patch things up
J. Smith-Cameron
Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

When Succession aired its series finale on Sunday, it marked the end of the road for slime puppy stans—and that includes J. Smith-Cameron, the Gerri to Kieran Culkin’s Roman. “My ex wants me back,” she posted on Twitter alongside a final shot of Roman sipping a martini, “(is how some people interpreted this).” But Gerri and Roman never got their reunion, no matter how much Smith-Cameron and the rest of the fans wanted it.

Granted, a happy ending for anybody would have been “very off-brand” for creator Jesse Armstrong,” Smith-Cameron tells Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. “Yeah, I know. Too bad! I could see maybe down the road those two having a drink together, now that that dynamic has rearranged, and Gerri has the upper hand. I think she could stomach it.”


Imagining the future of her character, Smith-Cameron feels like Gerri “still could sue Roman personally” over her severance, despite ending the series back at Waystar Royco. “She would go for it, if it was in her best interest. If it’s in her best interest to drop it, she would drop it.”


“I feel Roman really considered it a romantic relationship, but I’m not sure that Jesse ever did, and I don’t know what Gerri [thought],” she reflects about the characters’ strange psychosexual dynamic. “I feel she humored him, because there was maybe something flattering about being desired that way, but also there was something useful about having a Roy in your back pocket. But I do think that over time Roman really got under her skin and she had a real true affection for him. That’s why it hurt so bad to feel betrayed with the horrible horrible firing scene in season 4. That felt so scary and dangerous when we acted that.”

Roman aside, if there was ever any kind of Succession spin-off, sign Gerri up. “[The] Waystar/ATN world of the show is so pertinent, and so in the headlines right now today,” Smith-Cameron says. “I feel it could be a show with the focus not on who was going to take Logan’s place but on to the fascist president and the Elon Musk-Waystar that was still such a reflection of what is going on right now. If there was such a show, and Gerri had a place in it, I would be overjoyed, but I’m not expecting it.”