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Javier Bardem once celebrated Daniel Craig's birthday by popping out of a cake while dressed as a Bond girl

Bardem told the story while talking with Craig for an episode of Variety's Actors On Actors

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig, the former presumably envisioning his future birthday surprise.
Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig, the former presumably envisioning his future birthday surprise.
Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou (Getty Images)

Daniel Craig may no longer be James Bond, but he’s still managing to star in many exciting stories. Over the past few months, we’ve learned that his ability to get drunk with others led to Sam Mendes directing Skyfall and Spectre and Mark Strong losing out on the part of a Bond villain. Now, while discussing talking shop with Skyfall’s Raoul Silva, we’ve learned that Daniel Craig was once the very lucky recipient of a birthday surprise featuring Javier Bardem popping out of a cake dressed as a Bond girl.

Bardem told the story during his appearance with Craig on Variety’s Actors On Actors series. During a wide-ranging discussion centered mostly on stuff like being two of the most famous actors working today, Bardem brings up how much they have in common, including the fact that they were born one day and one year apart from one another.


“We actually celebrated our birthday together once,” Bardem says.

Craig begins laughing immediately, replying: “I do remember you were in drag, but I know that’s a whole other story.”


“Coming out of a cake,” Bardem says, knowing that this is the time to share a precious memory with the world. “I was supposed to be the Bond girl that night,” he continues. “And oh my God I was.”

Bardem cannot easily get this moment (or, if Craig was drinking at the time, this casual audition for the next Bond movie) out of his mind. When talking about singing in Being The Ricardos, Bardem says he isn’t very musical “apart from coming out of birthday cakes dressed like a Bond girl” and, naturally, “[singing] ‘Happy Birthday To You’ in my best Marilyn Monroe impersonation.”

Considering how important a memory this is to him, maybe Bardem can relive it by taking his show on the road, traveling the world to delight fans of his work by popping out of cakes in a blond wig before removing his jaw implants or just getting a fresh bowl cut and leading guests in a rousing, terrifying game of “heads or tails.”

For more Bardem and Craig, check out the pair’s appearance on Actors On Actors.

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