We’ve got at least four more years of Jimmy Fallon on the docket

Jimmy Fallon has renewed his contract to host The Tonight Show through 2028

We’ve got at least four more years of Jimmy Fallon on the docket
Jimmy Fallon Screenshot: NBC/YouTube

Despite any unsavory rumors about his personal life or accusations of a toxic workplace, Jimmy Fallon is still NBC’s golden boy. Per Deadline, under his current contract, he was set to host The Tonight Show through 2026. On Thursday, the network announced he’d renewed his contract for a deal that will keep him behind the desk until at least 2028. Falpals rejoice! And Fallon haters, better luck next decade.

As the press release for this auspicious news notes, Fallon has been a company man for almost 30 years now. He began working on Saturday Night Live in 1998; before he left in 2004, boss Lorne Michaels reportedly approached him with the idea of hosting Late Night. The opportunity arose when Conan O’Brien graduated from the time slot (that, of course, is a whole other story), and Fallon hosted Late Night from 2009 until rising to host The Tonight Show in 2014. Though his reputation has faltered at times—playfully mussing Donald Trump’s hair in 2016 will haunt him forever—Fallon remains a popular and productive asset for NBC. According to the network’s stats, every season of The Tonight Show he’s hosted has ranked #1 (or tied for #1) in the 18-49 demographic. He’s also expanded the long-running show’s digital reach with online clips and social media content.

Fallon’s contract renewal comes in the wake of NBC also locking down Seth Meyers for Late Night through 2028. But the network is also on a cost-cutting spree, so Meyers is losing his house band next season. It’s a remarkably cheap move, but how else are they supposed to keep the lights on over there? Reduce executive salaries? Grow up!

Anyway, one person who is determined to keep his job is Jimmy Fallon, who recently said at a Deadline event that he’s willing to keep hosting as long (or longer) than legendary Tonight Show host Johnny Carson: “I’m gonna go, you guys want me? Let’s break the record, let’s go, let’s do 30 years!” He exclaimed. Speaking to how he’s embraced the digital age during his tenure, he added, “I wish that Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny were here to see where I’m taking their show.”

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